The school-work alternance is to us an important step in order to improve the employability of young people and to promote corporate social responsibility. This is the reason why we are so delighted to collaborate with educational institutions in order to create on-the-job training programs. It is our priority to educate young people and prepare them to enter the labor market. These are not just empty words, as proven by the BAQ certificate established by Confindustria, aimed at enhancing this commitment.

Since 2014 we have engaged more than 400 students from different high schools and we can tell with full satisfaction that they have shown a strong interest in both the production process and the advanced technologies used. Relevant questions and curiosities have also characterized the PMI-DAYs held in our production sites. This project, supported by the “Industriamoci” initiative, is an ideal opportunity to transmit to the next generations "the pride and passion of doing business". And we don't want to miss it, because we believe in the future of our young people.

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